High Water Jet Cleaning Systems

HHS manufactures cleaning systems that include plunger pumps that are equipped with the drive, safety, and control systems needed for a variety of cleaning applications. The entire unit is a small, movable device that can move with ease on both smooth grounds and tough terrain.

These machines are diverse in nature and find applications in various industries since they are offered in a variety of designs and with a variety of features.

Principle of Operation

Water jet cleaning equipment is built around the idea of using pressure to water to clean difficult surfaces. To meet the needs of cleaning, a plunger pump is utilised to deliver water at high pressure through nozzles that are properly built. Regulator valves are used to control water flow so that a single machine can accommodate various flow and pressure needs.

Features and Advantages

  • Two-Way Dosing System
  • The compact and mobile unit
  • Hot water/ steam jet cleaning
  • Horizontal heat Exchanger to prevent fire hazards.
  • Solid Ceramic Plunger
  • Co-axial System of lances
  • Low pump speed
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • The safety valve for the safe operation of machines
  • Regulated flow for multiple applications
  • Variety of flow directions through nozzles
  • Wide range of flow and pressures are available
  • Possibility of mixing chemicals with water for tough cleaning jobs