High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps

High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps are available from HHS for a number of industrial applications. The HHS series plunger pumps are the result of extensive research and development and are made to meet high requirements of performance and reliability to withstand continuous duty operations and ensure smooth and trouble-free functioning.

Details of Construction

A TEFC Non-Flame Proof or Flame Proof electric motor with a Star Delta or DOL Starter, as well as a Soft Starter, VVVF Drive, or Flame Proof Panel, can be used to power the pump. Pump with a Diesel Engine, produced to specifications.

    • Pump has a compact design, sturdy construction, and quieter operation.
    • Variations in flow and pressure are possible with a simple conversion kit replacement.
    • Pump is being produced on a base frame with anti-vibration pads installed on a trolley with solid wheels or pneumatic wheels for mobility.

Pump Head

The forged stainless-steel SS-410/SS-420/SS-431/SS-304/SS-316 pump-head, which has been carefully manufactured on CNC machines and has undergone proper Ultrasonically testing, is suited for safe operation. Other materials, such as nickel-plated steel, are also available for particular applications. For various pressure ranges, three different types of fluid ends are employed.

Crank Shaft

The forged alloy steel was accurately machined, properly ultrasonically tested,  supported by strong cylindrical roller bearings, and powered by built-in helical gears and a pinion shaft arrangement with herringbone gears.

  • It is possible to provide a crankshaft with an external gearbox and a pulley and belt configuration.
  • The replaceable steel-backed bi-metallic bearings are used in the Ductile Connecting rod links.

A-Type Flat Head

utilized for high-pressure water jet cleaning or cutting for sticky scale, concrete cutting, etc. with a low discharge (up to 1500 bar).

Flat Head C-Type

Used for Low Pressure (about 300 bar)  High Flow enables direct access to identical and interchangeable suction & discharge valves to match customer requirements.

Step-shaped pumped Head

Without having to unplug the suction or discharge pipes, a step-shaped pump head used for medium pressure (about 500 bar) – medium flow enables direct access to similar and interchangeable suction & discharge valves.

Bearings Lubricant

Lubrication by a splash for sporadic use. Constant duty operation with forced lubrication.


Ceramic plungers with a high surface finish extend the life of seals. Plungers are made of carbide for specific uses.


Plungers & least resistance are offered by Aramid-Teflan High-Pressure seal packaging to make it safer.

Safety Valve

Steel forged flange mounted pressure regulator with stepless zero to a maximum adjustment in few amount of time.

Features and Advantages

  • Faster cleaning than conventional cleaning like brushing, chemical, mechanical etc.
  • Require less man power
  • Reduce shut down time
  • Safe operation
  • Environment friendly operation
  • No Chemical used, only water is the cleaning agent
  • Do not damage equipment / tube
  • High Possibility to clean equipment without dismantling thus saving precious time and cutting costs.