About Us

Haryana Hydrojet Systems was established long back in partnership with a leading German manufacturer of High Pressure Cleaning Systems and Screw pumps. With the vision of our founder K.S. Tyagi, and the hard work and dedication of our technicians and team members, managers, we have been committed to take this enterprise to new heights. With a committed team of engineers, our company has ­­­­4+ years of expertise in the field of HIGH-PRESSURE WATER JET CLEANING SYSTEM planning, supplying, erecting, testing, commissioning, maintaining, and troubleshooting. All of our committed, sincere, and diligent employees are experts in their own fields of expertise and are well-versed in the operation and handling of the machinery erected at our production facility. Our manufacturing specialists and engineers fully utilize the resources at their disposal and reduce the cost of the range that is provided. Furthermore, to achieve corporate goals effectively and efficiently, these professionals collaborate closely with one another. Additionally, we often schedule training courses and seminars to develop the abilities of our team members.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are an ISO Certified company for the scope of manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of hydro jetting systems.
  • One-stop solution for all cleaning requirements in heavy industries
  • Excellent service delivery in the field of High-Pressure Systems for more than 4 years.
  • High-pressure water jetting systems with flows of 5 LPM to 500 LPM and pressures of 100 to 2500 Bar.
  • Our company’s motto is to offer superior sales and services backed by track records.
  • Availability of genuine spare parts quickly and on schedule.
  • A broad range of clients, from tiny businesses to huge multinationals, both in India and beyond.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a happier, healthier, greener, and eco-friendly environment. We wish for India to be free from toxic chemicals and safer air for everyone to breathe in. We want to contribute our share to the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan going on by discarding the conventional methods of cleaning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a world leader in terms of designing, manufacturing, and commissioning hydro jetting services. Our services are going to be affordable so that businesses of all sizes can switch to environment-friendly practices of cleaning. We want everyone to be winners at the end of the day.